Here are the answers to common questions asked.

What equipment do you use?

I currently own two Nikon bodies and numerous lenses. I upgrade my bodies every couple years and I am always buying new lenses.

Do you have backup equipment and insurance?

Yes! I am always prepared.

Why is having a second shooter important at a wedding?

I have never missed an important moment at a wedding, but a second shooter ensures that a moment won’t get missed. It also means different views, more candid images and having the ability to photograph both the bride and groom getting ready.

When is the best time of day for photos?

If you schedule an outdoor photo session, it will either be at sunrise or a couple hours before sunset. I prefer not to shoot in the middle of the day due to harsh sunlight and shadows. An hour before sunset is the “golden hour” and the light is beautiful.

How many photos will I receive?

It depends on the type of session and package. Typically 500-1000 for a wedding.

How long does it take you to edit my photos?

Wedding galleries take between 4-8 weeks. Other sessions take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Of course everyone wants their photos as soon as possible, but if you need them by a specific date, I can certainly work with you to meet a deadline.

Will I own the copyright and printing rights to my photos?

Copyright and printing rights are not the same. You can buy your digital files which will give you printing rights to print as much and as often as you want. I give you high quality large files for printing and smaller files with my logo attached for your social media needs. The copyright of the photos is not for sale and will always be owned by Brooke Musial Photography.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Before your baby is born! If you want posed sleepy baby photos, they must be done within the first two weeks of their lives. Those first two weeks will fly by while you are recovering and enjoying baby snuggles. Planning ahead is very important to ensure you don’t miss their sleepiest time. Since a due date is rarely accurate, I will schedule you close to it and then when your baby arrives we can change it accordingly. If you decide on newborn photos after your baby has arrived, we can do a lifestyle session. A lifestyle session is a more journalistic approach and it won’t matter if your baby is sleeping or awake.

Do you travel?

Yes! I LOVE to travel! You can take me with you wherever you want to go.

How much do you charge for travel expenses?

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second you start using it.

How much time should I schedule for photographs?

I do not time my sessions. I spend as much time as I need with you, so that I get a good number of quality shots, and no one is rushed.

Weddings are an exception. I recommend at the VERY least saving an hour for formal photos of family, the wedding party, and the bride and groom. If you have a large family or wedding party I would recommend two hours. The more time you schedule, the more photos of yourselves alone you will receive.

Where should I print my photos?

I always recommend printing through me. I use a professional print lab that uses high quality, archival paper and ink. My computer is calibrated to their printers, so that the colors of your photographs are accurate. However, if you purchase your digital images you do have the right to print on your own. I would be happy to share places I do and don’t recommend.

Wedding Day Tips

Hiring a wedding photographer can be one of the biggest investments on your wedding day. Over the years of being a wedding photographer, I have witnessed craziness in many situations. Here is a little guide to help make your day run a bit more smoothly. Follow these guidelines and you will get the best return on your money.

1. Your Schedule

Most weddings do not start on time. Falling behind on your schedule is detrimental on how many photos you may receive. There will ALWAYS be something that comes up last minute that causes your schedule to change. Hair and makeup taking longer than expected, late/sick bridal party members, forgetting things at home, etc. I recommend scheduling extra time to ensure enough time for photos if the unforeseen happens. Start getting ready earlier than you think you need to. The earlier you are ready and dressed, the sooner formal photos can be taken. There is a HUGE difference in the amount of formal photos that you’ll receive between couples who begin photos early and those that schedule just the minimum amount of time.Planning ahead & getting ready early = a more relaxed bride & groom, more photos, and more time to kick back and enjoy yourselves with your wedding party.


2. Have a “First Look”

A first look isn’t for everyone. Some prefer to be more traditional which is totally fine. It is your day after all! I LOVE first looks because they are incredibly intimate, allowing the couple a few moments alone with each other on such a busy day. First looks typically happen in an area away from all guests, wedding party and family members. I set up the groom to look away from the bride and then have the bride slowly approach from behind. As they get close, I have the bride tap on the groom’s shoulder. It provides a great moment between the couple.

The first look is the best way to leverage time for your wedding day because it can allow you time to start your formal photos before your ceremony. Having this extra time will help transitioning from your ceremony to reception more smoothly. Having your guests wait around for you to be introduced can be stressful when you are trying to take carefree beautiful images. Don’t let it be.


3. The Light

Good light is a photographer’s best friend. To make the most of your wedding photos, try to schedule your couple portraits during the “golden hour”. This is the hour before sunset and it provides beautiful warm and flattering light. The best time to schedule this is between your ceremony and reception.

Scheduling your portraits when the sun is directly above you, is far more difficult for your photographer to create flattering images. When the sun is harsh, it causes heavy shadows and can give you raccoon looking eyes which is unflattering. If you have to schedule your formal photos during the harsh lighting conditions, make sure that there is a fair amount of even shade around to take flattering photos. 

4. Trust Your Photographer

Your wedding day will fly by before you know it. Your photos will be the most important thing you have to remember it. Try to have an open mind on your wedding day. Don’t let temporary things like hot or cold weather, rain, snow, or dirt prevent you from getting images that you will have forever. You may think that your dress will get dirty or your hair and makeup will get ruined, but dresses can be cleaned and you can bring your bridesmaids with you for extra help to prevent those things from happening. Just trust that your photographer is doing everything in your best interest to provide you with creative and interesting images. Your photographer may ask you to sit on benches, walk into a field, lay in the grass, etc. Communicate if you simply do not wish to have this type of images. 


5. Engagement Session

Having the same photographer for your engagement photos as your wedding provides you with a bonding experience with your photographer. It gives the photographer the opportunity to see the couples’ personality and how they react in front of the camera. The more you know your photographer, the more relaxed you will be during your wedding. 


6. Guests Cell Phones & Cameras

Ever see a perfect photo ruined by a guest holding up a cell phone in the way of the photographer? You don’t want it to be one of your photos. It happens to all photographers, all the time. Some photographers even state no cell phones allowed in their contracts. The best way to avoid this is to ask guests to leave their cell phones and “fancy” cameras at home or in their cars. This ensures your photographer won’t miss a shot because a guest jumps in front of them as you’re walking down the aisle, or your cake cutting photos aren’t filled with cell phones with bright lights being held up in the air all around you. Gently remind guests that you are paying a lot of money for a professional photographer and you don’t want anything to get in the way of getting the best possible images. 


7. Smile, Laugh, Relax and Enjoy Your Day

This may seem obvious but stress and hectic schedules can make the day not as perfect as you envisioned. Surround yourself with people you love and remember laughing is contagious. Having everyone in high spirits will yield better images. 

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